Students Past and Present

Below are listings of my previous and current graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Students

Name Year Graduated Thesis Title Current Position
Shiya Wang 2008 "Understanding the Star-Forming Environment in Stellar Clusters" Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Jerry Shiao 2008 "High Resolution Acetic Acid Survey and Water Vapor Radiometery" Associate Researcher, National Nano Device Laboratories
Woojin Kwon 2009 "Circumstellar Structure Properties of Young Stellar Objects: Envelopes, Bipolar Outflows, and Disks" KASI
Jonathan Seale 2010 "The Evolution of Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud" Data Scientist, SameGrain, Baltimore, MD
Hsin-Fang Chiang 2011 "Circumstellar environments around the youngest protostars: interferometric observations and modeling" Researcher, NCSA, University of Illinois
Katherine Lee 2013 "Understanding Star Formation at Early Stages in the Filamentary Era" Data Scientist
Ian Stephens 2013 "The environmental impact of high- and low-mass stars: from formation to main sequence" Post-Doc, CfA
Dominque Segura-Cox 2017 "Observations of Disks Around the Youngest Protostars: Characterizing Frequency, Dust properties, and Magnetic Fields at the Earliest Times" Post-Doc MPE
Erin Cox 2018 "Probing Planetary Disks: From Birth to Protoplanets" Post-Doc, Northwestern
Rachel Harrison Est. 2022
Frankie Escalda Est. 2023

Undergraduate Students

If you are not listed or listed incorrectly, please email me. I did not list those who did research without taking indepedent study, but I would like to list you if you worked with me. Let me know.

Name Time with me Grad Year Current Position
Aassik Pazhani Fall 2020
Santana Green Spring 2019
David Stone Spring 2018-Fall 2018
Margaret Winter Summer 2018
Caitlyn Buongiorno Spring 2018 2018
Jainfei Wang Spring 2017-Fall 2017
Khushboo Jain Spring 2017 2018 RF Engineer at Google
John Devries Fall 2016-Fall 2017 2017 Grad School, CalState LA
Jiayin Dong Summer 2015-Spring 2017 2017 Grad School, Penn State
Lyn Swanson Spring 2015-Fall 2017 2017
Yu Huang Fall 2014 2017 Grad School, Illinois
Yutao Ma Fall 2014 2017 Grad School, Illinois
Tianxi Zhao Fall 2014 2016 Grad School, Illinois
Andrew Nadolski Spring 2014 2014 Grad School, Illinois
Zhuchang Zhang Fall 2013 2015 Grad School, MIT
Kait Johnson Spring 2013 2013 Nurse, Chicago
Kim Mowry Summer 2012 2013 Pastry Chef
Jennifer Olsen Spring 2012 2013 Missionary
Drew Stone Spring 2012 2012 IT Business Architect, Bayer
Aaron Shults Fall 2011 2013
Bill Quesse Spring 2011 2011 Software Engineer, IGT
Kamil Stelmach Spring 2011 2011 Grad School, George Mason
Mike Zevin Spring 2011 2012 Grad School, Northwestern
Brandon Becker Fall 2010 2013 Grad School, Tennessee
Stanley Burns Fall 2010 2010 Aerospace Engineer, USAF
Kyu Young Choi Fall 2010 2011
Yifei Du Fall 2010 2011
Jeremy Gragg Fall 2010 2011 IT, St Louis
Coralie Jackman Fall 2010 2011 Lead Deep Space Optical Navigation Engineer, KinetX
Parker Jendrycki Fall 2010 2010 Business Consultant, ZS Associates
Eric Blanchette Summer 2010 N/A deceased
Kyu Young Choi Spring 2010 2011
Rubin Torf Summer 2009 2010 SunCoke Energy
Terrence Blindauer Summer 2009 2013 Videojet Tech., Chicago
Margot Hutton Spring 2009 and Spring 2011 2011 Kevin Elliott Counseling
Ryan Peterson Fall 2008 - Spring 2009 2010 Dentist, Homewood, IL
Sean White Fall 2008 2008 Merchandising Manager
Karna Desai Summer 2008 2009 Astronomer and Data Scientist, NSF
Karna Gowda Summer 2008 2008 Postdoc, Illinois
Michael Jacobson Spring 2008 - Fall 2009 2009 Data Scientist, Nordstrom
Adam Molski Spring 2008 2008 Structural Engineer, ITT
Tyler Natoli Spring 2008 2008 Dunlap Fellow, University of Toronto
Alex Waite Spring 2008 2008 DV Administrator, Otto-von-Guericke University
Steven Wyatt Spring 2008 2009
Jacqueline Juliano Summer 2007 2009 Bilingual Elementary Teacher
Christopher Pauley Spring 2007 2007
Jessica Hellwig Summer 2006 - Spring 2007 2007
Sandor Van Wassenhove Spring 2006 2008 Developer, Palantir Technologies
John Tobin Spring 2005 - Summer 2006 2006 Associate Astronomer, NRAO