Jaipur - Old Town & Market

November 8, 2001

We spent an afternoon walking around the streets of Jaipur's Old Town and Market area. It was great to look at the shops, people, and atmosphere. In the market we saw copper pipes, furniture, pots, pans, clothing, food - basically everything. We even saw people dyeing cloth and pulling toffee (see below).

One thing that stood out to us and was a little strange at first was the presence of cattle in downtown areas in all of the cities we visited. The cattle roam the streets instead of pastures. They eat what they find in the streets (trash - anything), and sleep, stand, whatever in the middle of the street or where ever they want. Jaipur was the first time we could take a picture of the cows easily, which explains why there are a number of them here...

Jaipur's Old Town - from our taxi window

One of the Colorful Gates to the Old Town

Cattle "grazing" near the gate

Men dyeing cloth and letting it dry on bicycles and mopeds

A cow in the middle of the road

An old town market street with cow

Men pulling toffee at a sweet shop in the old town market

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