ASTR 330hSpring 2010

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Jan 19 Introductions Syllabus  
Jan 21 Poor Pluto & Size Scales p.1-4  
Jan 26 Expanding Universe p.5-14  
Jan 28 The Origin of Elements p.15-22 HW 1
Feb 2 End of the Universe p.23-29  
Feb 4 Why does the Sun shine? p.30-31 Presentation Synopsis
Feb 9 Making C, O, and N p.32-35  
Feb 11 Star Formation p.36-38 HW 2
Feb 16 Exoplanets   Aaron White
Connor Simmons
Feb 18 Killer Supernova   HW 3
Feb 23 Moon Origins   Joshua Beckman
Christopher Bisom
Feb 25 Earth for Life   HW 4
Daniel Miller-McLemore
Alexandra Timm
Mar 2 Life in the Solar System p.39-40 Daniel Borup
Mar 4 Life in the Solar System p.41-45 Exam Delivery
Mar 9 Life on Earth    
Mar 11 Origins of Life   Midterm Due
Cori Johnson
Mitchell Farag
Mar 16 Life in the Solar System
  Christopher Moss
Mar 18 Biological Evolution
p.46-61 HW 6
Marybeth Kram
Joe Pulka
Mar 30 Origin of Intelligence
p.62-66 Lucas Guthrie
Apr 1 Cultural Evolution
p.67-74 HW 7
Nathan Raichel
Apr 6 Evolution of World View
p.75-91 Stanley Swat
Apr 8 Lifetime
p.92-103 HW 8
Rebecca Reizner
Apr 13 Communication
p.104-105 Nicholas Cox
Apr 15 Future of Civilization
p.106-119 HW 9
Rough Drafts Due
Raeed Chowdhury
Apr 20 Rockets   Joshua Brickman
Apr 22 Space Travel   HW 10
Janet Pauketat
Apr 27 Visitations    
Apr 29 Visitations   HW 11
May 4 Contact   Final Paper Due

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