ASTR 330Spring 2008

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Jan 15 Introductions Syllabus  
Jan 17 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Evans: Ch 1,2A
Eric: p.1-4
Jan 22 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Evans: Ch 2A
Eric: p.5-14
Jan 24 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Evans: Ch 2B-C
Eric: p.15-22
HW 1
Jan 29 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Evans: Ch 3A-C
Eric: p.23-29
Jan 31 Star Formation Evans: Ch 3C
Eric: p.30-31
Presentation Synopsis
Feb 5 Origin of planets Evans: Ch 3D-E
Eric: p.32-35
Feb 7 Nature of Solar Systems
Evans: Ch 3E
Eric: p.36-38
HW 2
Feb 12 Habitable Planets
Evans: Ch 3F  
Feb 14 Planets of Life
Evans: Ch 4A HW 3
Allison Hanna: Life on Mars
Nick Mucia: Self-replicating Probes
Feb 19 Nature of Life
Evans: Ch 4A Yi Sun: SETI
Cheryl Cwik: Interstellar Travel
Feb 21 Origin of Life
Evans: Ch 4A-B
Eric: p.39-40
HW 4
Dale Sormaz: Black Holes
David Luedtke: Creating Life in a Lab
Feb 26 Origin of Life
Evans: Ch 4C-D
Eric: p.41-45
Feb 28 Life Alternatives Evans: Ch 4E-G HW 5

Mar 4


Mar 6 Life in the Solar System
Evans: Ch 5A-B  
Mar 11 Life in the Solar System
Evans: Ch 5C,D  
Mar 13 Biological Evolution
Evans: Ch 6A
Eric: p.46-61
HW 6
Brent Nelson:Interstellar Travel
Ryan Ross: Aliens in Cartoons
Mar 25 Origin of Intelligence
Evans: Ch 6B
Eric: p.62-66
Tanya Spektor: Area 51
Kyla Bachtell: Alternate Universes and Wormholes
Mar 27 Cultural Evolution
Evans: Ch 7A
Eric: p.67-74
HW 7
Jack Holzman: Inventing Science Fiction
Steven Kallal: Life around Underwater Vents
Apr 1 Evolution of World View
Evans: Ch 7B
Eric: p.75-91
Jared Evans:
Carol Regalbuto: Dark Matter/Energy
Apr 3 Lifetime
Evans: Ch 7C
Eric: p.92-103
HW 8
Gretchen Bromann: Crop Circles
Racquel Ardisana: Non-Carbon Based Life
Apr 8 Communication
Evans: Ch 8A-B,9A-C
Eric: p.104-105
Mark Mazzone: Top 10 ways to die!
Andrew Xie: The Hubble Space Telescope
Apr 10 Future of Civilization
Evans: Ch 9D-E
Eric: p.106-119
HW 9
Rough Drafts Due
Apr 15 Rockets Evans: Ch 7D,10A  
Apr 17 Space Travel Evans: Ch 10 A HW 10
Apr 22 Visitations Evans: Ch 10 B  
Apr 24 Contact Evans: Ch 10 C HW 11
Apr 29 Review & ICES   Final Paper Due

May 2

Final Exam (0800-1100)


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