ASTR 596Spring 2007

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Jan. 16 Introductions; History of the ISM and Star Formation Syllabus  
Jan. 18 The ISM    
Jan. 23 Molecular Clouds The Milky Way in Molecular Clouds: Dame et al. 2001, ApJ, 547, 792 Brian O'Neill & Hsin-Lun Kuo
Jan. 25 GMC Properties Giant Molecular Clouds in Local Group Galaxies: Blitz et al. 2007, PPV, p81 Ki Jeong Yim & Brad Rockwell
Jan. 30 Turbulence in GMCs Turbulent Gas Flows in the Rosette and G216-2.5 Molecular Clouds: Heyer et al. 2006, ApJ, 643, 956 Sandor Van Wassenhove & Kristopher Czaja
Feb. 1 Lifetime of GMCs H I Narrow Self-Absorption in Dark Clouds: Goldsmith et al. 2005, ApJ, 622, 938 (only browse Section 6) Nick Hakobian & Jerry Shiao
Feb. 6 GMC Cores Massive Quiescent Cores in Orion: II. Core Mass Function: Li et al. 2007, ApJ, 655, 351 Josh Dolence & Nick Indriolo
Feb. 8 Starless Cores An Observational Perspective of Low-Mass Dense Cores I: Di Francesco et al. 2007, PPV, p17 Duncan Christie & Tyler Natoli
Feb. 13 Class Canceled I dunno. Watch Snow Day  
Feb. 15 Protostellar Core Evolution An Observational Perspective of Low-Mass Dense Cores II: Ward-Thompson et al. 2007, PPV, p33 Kristopher Czaja & William Kormos
Feb. 20 Protostellar Structures Unveiling the Circumstellar Envelope and Disk: Looney et al. 2000, ApJ, 529, 477 Hsin-Lun Kuo & Kristen Samuels
Feb. 22 Chemistry of Class 0 sources Extreme Deuteration and Hot Corinos: Ceccarelli et al. 2007, PPV, p47 Brad Rockwell & Brett Hayes
Feb 27 Class 0 Outflows The Evolution of Outflow-Envelope Interactions in Low-Mass Protostars: Arce et al. 2006, ApJ, 646, 1070 Hsin-Fang Chiang & Stacey Alberts
Mar. 1 Classification of YSOs Stellar Properties of Embedded Protostars: White et al. 2007, PPV, p117 William Kormos & Jana Bilikova
Mar. 6 Outflows and jets Observations of Jets and Outflows from Young Stars: Bally et al. 2007 Kristen Samuels & Britt Lundgren
Mar. 8 Circumstellar Disks Circumstellar Dust Disks in Taurus-Auriga: The Submillimeter Perspective: Andrews et al. 2005 Nick Indriolo & Alfredo Zenteno
Mar. 13 Circumstellar Disks Interferometric Spectro-imaging of Molecular Gas in Proto-Planetary Disks Dutrey et al. 2007 Brett Hayes & Duncan Christie
Mar. 15 Dust Evolution Dust in Proto-Planetary Disks: Properties and Evolution: Natta et al. 2007 Stacey Alberts & Josh Dolence
Mar. 27 Chemistry of Disks The Chemical Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks: Bergin et al. 2007 Christian Luca & Nick Hakobian
Mar. 29 The beginnning of Planets Evolution of Circumstellar Disks Around Normal Stars: Meyer et al. 2007 Jake O'Keefe & Woojin Kwon
Apr. 3 Circumstellar Evolution Gaseous Inner Disks: Najita et al. 2007 Britt Lundgren & Kijeong Yim
Apr. 5 The beginnning of Planets Multi-Wavelength Imaging of Young Stellar Object Disks: Watson et al. 2007 Jerry Shiao & Sandor Van Wassenhove
Apr. 10 X-Ray Emission from YSOs The Taurus Molecular Cloud: Multi-Wavelength Surveys with XMM-Newton, the Spitzer Space Telescope, and CFHT: Gudel et al. 2007 Jonathan Seale & Hsin-Fang Chiang
Apr. 12 Brown Dwarfs The Formation of Brown Dwarfs: Observations: Luhman et al. 2007 Tyler Natoli & Jake O'Keefe
Apr. 17 Massive Stars The Formation of Massive Stars: Beuther et al. 2007 Alfredo Zenteno & Jeeseon Song
Apr. 19 The Evolution of Massive Protostars Ultra-Compact H II Regions and the Early Lives of Massive Stars: Hoare et al. 2007 Woojin Kwon & Christian Luca
Apr. 24 Guest Lecture: TBA    
Apr. 26 Young Clusters The Structure and Evolution of Young Stellar Clusters: Allen et al. 2007 Jana Bilikova & Jonathan Seale
May. 1 YSOs in OB clusters/ICES The Low-mass Populations in OB Associations: Briceno et al. 2007 Jeeseon Song & Brian O'Neill

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