ASTR 150Fall 2010

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Aug 23 Astro-Disasters Syllabus  
Aug 25 Poor Pluto    
Aug 27 Meteors    
Aug 30 Asteroids/Comets   HW1 (extension until Sept 7th)
Sept 1 Star Formation: Molecular Clouds    
Sept 3 Star Formation: Rise of Rocks    
Sept 6 Labor Day   HW2 (extension until Sept 7th)
Sept 8 The Atmosphere and Meteors    
Sept 10 Dino Killer    
Sept 13 Computer Lab   HW3
Sept 15 Computer Lab    
Sept 17 Jupiter in Peril    
Sept 20 Killer Asteroids   HW4
Sept 22 Asteroid Mitigation    
Sept 24 Why does the Sun Shine?    
Sept 27 Why is the Sun Yellow?   HW5
Sept 29 Classifying Stars    

Oct 1

Exam 1

Oct 4 Dying Sun   Micro-Meteorite Lab
Oct 6 Killer Sun    
Oct 8 Today's Sun    
Oct 11 Cornona Mass Ejections   HW6
Oct 13 Death of Massive Stars    
Oct 15 Killer Supernovae    
Oct 18 Computer Lab   HW7
Oct 20 Neutron stars and black holes    
Oct 22 GRBs    
Oct 25 Killer GRBs   HW8
Oct 27 Moving Close to c    
Oct 29 Gravity in General Relativity   Night Obs
Nov 1 Spaghettification   HW9
Nov 3 Compact Objects in the Solar System    

Nov 5

Exam 2

Nov 8 The Milky Way    
Nov 10 The Milky Way    
Nov 12 Galaxies    
Nov 15 When Galaxies Collide   HW10 & Asteroid Lab
Nov 17 Expanding Universe    
Nov 19 Origin of Hydrogen    
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 26 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 29 The Big Rip And the End of the Universe   HW11
Dec 1 Active Galaxies & Quasars    
Dec 3 ET Life    
Dec 6 Alien Threats    

Dec. 8

Exam 3


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