ASTR 330Fall 2007

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Aug. 23 Introductions Syllabus  
Aug. 28 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Evans: Ch 1,2A
Eric: p.1-4
Aug. 30 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Evans: Ch 2A
Eric: p.5-14
HW 1
Sept. 3 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Evans: Ch 2B-C
Eric: p.15-22
Sept. 6 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Evans: Ch 3A-C
Eric: p.23-29
Presentation Synopsis
Sept. 11 Star Formation Evans: Ch 3C
Eric: p.30-31
Sept. 13 Origin of planets Evans: Ch 3D-E
Eric: p.32-35
HW 2
Darcy Barron: Fermi Paradox

Margaret Hutton: Contact: How do we know?
Sept. 18 Nature of Solar Systems
Evans: Ch 3E
Eric: p.36-38
Michael Johnson: Mission to Mars

Ross Thompson: Hungry Aliens?
Sept. 20 Habitable Planets
Evans: Ch 3F HW 3
Rogelio Cruz: Origin of Live on Earth

Tyler Natoli: Wormholes
Sept. 25 Planets of Life
Evans: Ch 4A Mark Trennert: Terraforming Mars

Joseph Krischon: Transhumanism
Sept. 27 Nature of Life
Evans: Ch 4A HW 4
Margaret Gelman: Psychological Astrobiology

David Esquivel: Public Perception of ETs
Oct. 2 Origin of Life
Evans: Ch 4A-B
Eric: p.39-40
Gregory Frazier: Privileged Planet

Alexander Waite: Life in our Solar System
Oct. 4 Origin of Life
Evans: Ch 4C-D
Eric: p.41-45
HW 5
Danielle Campanella: ET and Religion- Reconcilable

Bryan White: Alien Lifeforms: Possibilities
Oct. 9 Life Alternatives Evans: Ch 4E-G  

Oct. 11


Oct. 16 Life in the Solar System
Evans: Ch 5A-B  
Oct. 18 Life in the Solar System
Evans: Ch 5C,D HW 6
Timothy Noffke: Archaeoastronomy

Se Hee Jang: ETs, so Far?
Oct. 23 Biological Evolution
Evans: Ch 6A
Eric: p.46-61
Jennifer Christie: The Greys

Jennifer Wojcicki: Voyager
Oct. 25 Origin of Intelligence
Evans: Ch 6B
Eric: p.62-66
HW 7
Michael Murphy: Improbable Drives

David Mayer: Self-Replicating Probes
Oct. 30 Cultural Evolution
Evans: Ch 7A
Eric: p.67-74
Joshua Seiter: Black Holes

Jonah Wolff: Colonizing Mars
Nov. 1 Evolution of World View
Evans: Ch 7B
Eric: p.75-91
HW 8
Steven Wyatt: Extrasolar Planets
Nov. 6 Lifetime
Evans: Ch 7C
Eric: p.92-103
Christine Fleener: Influence of ET on Imagination
Emmanuel Arredondo: Aliens and Pyramids
Nov. 8 Communication
Evans: Ch 8A-B,9A-C
Eric: p.104-105
HW 9
Nicholas Leners: Roswell

Karna Gowda: Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Nov. 13 Future of Civilization
Evans: Ch 9D-E
Eric: p.106-119
Sean White: Aliens in the Media

Lindsay Ellch: Abducted!
Nov. 15 Rockets Evans: Ch 7D,10A Rough Drafts Due
Nov. 20 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov. 27 Space Travel Evans: Ch 10 A Nicholas Kopp: Theory/Reality of Interstellar Travel
Nov. 29 Visitations Evans: Ch 10 B HW 10
David Zordan: L: When your Time is up

Sean Rohan: Space Law
Dec. 4 Contact Evans: Ch 10 C HW 11
Dec. 6 Review   Final Paper Due

Dec. 12

Final Exam


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