ASTR 230Fall 2006

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Aug. 24 Introductions Syllabus  
Aug. 29 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Ch 1 & Ch2 A  
Aug. 31 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Ch 2 A HW 1
Sept. 5 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Ch 2 B & C  
Sept. 7 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Ch 3 A - C Presentation Synopsis
Sept. 12 Star Formation Ch 3 C  
Sept. 14 Origin of planets Ch 3 D,E HW 2
Sept. 19 Nature of Solar Systems
Student Talks
Ch 3 E Edward Espiritu: String Theory

Aylin Selcukoglu: Home Away from Home: The Kepler Mission
Sept. 21 Habitable Planets
Student Talks
Ch 3 F HW 3
Natalya Sholomyansky: Area 51

Rebecca Wright: Biomolecules in Space
Sept. 26 Planets of Life
Student Talks
Ch 4 A Shing-Chiang Huang: TBD
Sept. 28 Nature of Life
Student Talks
Ch 4 A HW 4
Bryan White:Future Possible Forms of Travel

Joseph Coletta:Aliens in Literature
Oct. 3 Origin of Life
Student Talks
Ch 4 A,B Chris Johnson:Phenomena Attributed to Alien Sightings

Sandor Van Wassenhove: The Beginning of Life
Oct. 5 Origin of Life
Student Talks
Ch 4 C,D HW 5
Heath Murra:Moon Colony

Ryan Peterson:Creating a Planet
Oct. 10 Life Alternatives Ch 4 E,F,G  

Oct. 12


Oct. 17 Life in the Solar System
Student Talks
CH 5 A,B Amanda Schultz: The media representive of Aliens

Joel Bonasera:Alien Influence on Human History/Religion?
Oct. 19 Life in the Solar System
Student Talks
Ch 5 C,D HW 6
Vlad Nicolaescu: Extreme Life

Brandon Roel: Alien Probes: Monoliths in Hiding

Jake Szczepaniak: UFO Consipracy Theories
Oct. 24 Biological Evolution
Student Talks
Ch 6 A Tom Patterson: Human Colonization of Planets/Asteroids

Tim Ferencak: Interplanetary and Interstellar Travel

Jeffery Lipsey: Non-Carbon Based Life
Oct. 26 Origin of Intelligence
Student Talks
Ch 6 B HW 7
Fred Knecht: Possibilites of Interstellar Travel

William Kormos: Interplantetary Internet

Adam Molski: Space Elevator
Oct. 31 Cultural Evolution
Student Talks
Ch 7 A Kerry Doyle:Alien Sensationalism in the Media

Steven Novak:Astro Megastructures
Nov. 2 Evolution of World View
Student Talks
CH 7 B HW 8
Alan Francis: TBD

Katelyn Swartz:Possible Alien Physiology

Octavio Mendoza: Supernovae contributing to planet/life formation
Nov. 7 Lifetime
Student Talks
CH 7 C Jeffery Ungrund:Sociological View of Advanced Civilizations

Ian Gentile: Terraforming Mars

Chris Blim: Ancient Astronauts
Nov. 9 Communication
Student Talks
Chs 8 A,B, 9 A,B,C HW 9
Jake O'Keefe:Physical Limitations to Finding Alien Life

Brandon Eckardt: Panspermia

Kevin Quinn: Faster then Lightspeed?
Nov. 14 Future of Civilization
Student Talks
Chs 9 D,E Ken Sampson: Alien Abductione
Nov. 16 Rockets Chs 7D, 10A  
Nov. 21 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov. 28 Space Travel Ch 10 A Final Paper
Nov. 30 Visitations Ch 10 B HW 10
Dec. 5 Contact Ch 10 C HW 11
Dec. 7 Review    

Dec. 11

Final Exam


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