ASTR 230 Section 1 Spring 2004

Course Schedule

Course Schedule. Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.
Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Jan 21 Introductions Syllabus  
Jan 23 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Ch 1 & Ch2 A  
Jan 26 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Ch 2 A  
Jan 28 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Ch 2 B & C  
Jan 30 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Ch 3 A & B  
Feb 2 Star Formation Ch 3 C  
Feb 4 Origin of planets Ch 3 D & E  
Feb 6 Nature of Solar Systems Ch 3 E  
Feb 9 Habitable Planets Ch 3 F  
Feb 11 Planets of Life Ch 4 A  
Feb 13 Nature of Life Ch 4 A  
Feb 16 Talk: "Cosmology and the Origin of the Universe"
Talk: "Probability of the Formation of Silicon-Based Life: What does it Take?"
  Chris Kramer
Sarah Goldrich
Feb 18 Talk: "Molecular Theory of the Origins of Life"
Talk: "Extrasolar Planets"
Talk: "Possibility of Life on Titan"
  Mike Somers
Emily Beal
Chris Hall
Feb 20 Talk: "Life on Europa"
Nucleic Acids
CH 4 A
Adam Quinn
Feb 23 Guest Speaker: Brian Fields-- "Killer Supernovae"    
Feb 25 Talk: "Panspermia"
Talk: "Searching for the Building Blocks of Life in Interstellar Dust Clouds"
  Steven Andrews
Mikey Nickolaou
Feb 27 Talk: "Crop Circles"
Talk: "How Deep Sea Life Might Reflect Extraterrestrial Life"
Talk: "The Truth and Scientific Basis of The X-Files"
  Brian Figenholtz
Jon Huff
Rachel Pidu
Mar 1 Origin of Life Ch 4 A & B  
Mar 3 Origin of Life 2 Ch 4 C & D  
Mar 5 Alternatives Ch 4 E, F, and G  
Mar 8 Life in the Solar System CH 5 A and B  
Mar 10 Life in the Solar System 2 Ch 5 C and D  
Mar 12 Hour Exam
Mar 15 Biological Evolution Ch 6 A  
Mar 17 Talk: "Capacity for Interstellar Travel"
Talk: "Biological Implications of Space Colonization"
Talk: "Terraforming Mars"
  Brian Uphoff
Matt Bender
Derek Wright
Mar 19 Talk: "SETI Program"
Talk: "Preparing and Launching a Manned Mission to Mars: A Start to Galactic Exploration"
Talk: "It's the End of the World as We Know It...: Estimating L"
  Ted Uliassi
James Heath
Glen Veed
Mar 22-26 Spring Break    
Mar 29 Origin of Intelligence Ch 6 B  
Mar 31 Cultural Evolution Ch 7 A  
Apr 2 Talk: "Film Representation of Extraterrestrial Life: Implications for Life in Space"
Talk: "Extraterrestrial Life in Television: Star Trek to Futurama"
Talk: "Possibilities and Problems of interstellar Communication"
  Brian White
Erik Dahlstrom
Jenna Bishop
Apr 5 Talk: "Aliens: Violent Invaders or Explorers"
Talk: "Evidence and Problems of Extraterrestrial Life Visitation on Earth"
Talk: "Possible Representation of UFO's in Ancient Art"
  Elisandro Cabada
Brian Lambert
Matt Dillman
Apr 7 Evolution of the World View CH 7 B  
Apr 9 Lifetime CH 7 C  
Apr 12 Talk: "Marketing to Mars and Beyond"
Talk: "Financial Feasibility of Space Exploration"
Talk: "Alien Abductions: Fact or Fiction"
  Arthur Jones
Mark Piergies
Matt Clarkin
Apr 14 Talk: "Life Without a Planet: Orbiting Life?"
Talk: "Automatic Self-Replicating Space Probes: Is ET Already Watching?"
Talk: "Credibility of Abduction Stories Based on Profiles and Characteristics of the Victims"
  Gergana Slavova
Brian Ahsell
Abbie Coley
Apr 16 Drake Equation-- Putting it all together
Talk: "Artificial Intelligence: Will ET be a Robot?"
Talk: "The Economics of Searching for ET"
  Danielle Peto
Jack Wu
Apr 19 Communication Ch 8 A,B and Ch 9 A, B, C  
Apr 21 Communication 2 Ch 9 D, E  
Apr 23 Future of Civilization Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A  
Apr 26 Travel Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A
Apr 28 Travel 2 Ch 10 A
Apr 30 Visitations Ch 10 B
May 3 Contact Ch 10 C
May 5 Review Research Papers Due!
1:30-4:30 pm, Friday May 7 FINAL EXAM

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