ASTR 230 Section 1 Fall 2005

Course Schedule

Course Schedule. Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.
Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Aug 24 Introductions Syllabus  
Aug 26 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Ch 1 & Ch2 A  
Aug 29 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Ch 2 A  
Aug 31 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Ch 2 B & C  
Sept 2 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Ch 3 A & B HW 1
Sept 5 Labor Day Holiday    
Sept 7 Star Formation Ch 3 C  
Sept 9 Origin of planets Ch 3 D & E Presentation Synopsis
Sept 12 Nature of Solar Systems Ch 3 E  
Sept 14 Habitable Planets Ch 3 F  
Sept 16 Planets of Life Ch 4 A HW 2
Sept 19 Nature of Life Ch 4 A  
Sept 21 Student Talks Talk: "Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis"
Talk: "Life on Mars"
Talk: "Precursors to Life"
Carl Thomas
Hassan Bhayani
Aaron Bowling
Sept 23 Origin of Life Ch 4 A & B HW 3
Sept 26 Student Talks Talk: "Fermilab: The Early Universe"
Talk: "Alternative Dimensions"
Talk: "Space Ship One"
Andrew Coughlin
Nicolas Jaramillo
Chris Fischetti
Sept 28 Student Talks Talk: "Cyberetic Organisms"
Talk: "Mining the Moon"
Talk: "Planetary Civilization"
Jeremy Grimaldi
Michael Yurgil
Tianxiao Ma
Sept 30 Origin of Life 2 Ch 4 C & D HW 4
Oct 3 Student Talks Talk: "Terraforming"
Talk: "Planetary Geology"
Talk: "Life Created by Other Life"
David Bradbury
Rachael Sherwood
Eric Ou
Oct 5 Alternatives Ch 4 E, F, and G  
Oct 7 Student Talks  
Talk: "Self-Healing Materials"
Talk: "Killer Asteroids"
Talk: "Wormholes"
HW 5
Sujay Javdekar
Christopher Norman
Mark Lenkowski
Oct 10 Life in the Solar System CH 5 A and B  
Oct 12 Student Talks Talk: "Intestellar Space Travel"
Talk: "Public Opnion of ET"
Talk: "Propulsion"
Michael Cellini
Elisha Reichert
Corey Osland
Oct 14 Life in the Solar System 2 Ch 5 C and D HW 6
Oct 17 Biological Evolution Ch 6 A  
Oct 19 Origin of Intelligence Ch 6 B  
Oct 21 Hour Exam
Oct 24 Student Talks Talk: "Faster Than Light Travel"
Talk: "Interstellar Travel"
Talk: "Space Colonization"
Jonathan Dellinger
Nathan Louer
Amit Behal
Oct 26 Student Talks Talk: "Moving Humans"
Talk: "Living in Space"
Talk: "SETI"
Jim Kestler
Melanie Kang
Brian Krutsch
Oct 28 Student Talks  
Talk: "Roswell"
Talk: "How Will They Look?"
Talk: "ETs in Literature"
Drew Sultan
Kurt Peterson
Jim Vorel
Oct 31 Cultural Evolution Ch 7 A  
Nov 2 Evolution of the World View CH 7 B  
Nov 4 Lifetime CH 7 C HW 7
Nov 7 Student Talks Talk: "Is It Worth It?"
Talk: "UFOs"
Talk: "Aliens in Folklore, Mythology, and Antropology"
Nick Warren
Jeff Greenswag
Jennifer Brown
Nov 9 Communication Ch 8 A,B and Ch 9 A, B, C  
Nov 11 Communication 2 Ch 9 D, E HW 8
Nov 14 Future of Civilization
Student Talk
Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A
"Alien Depiction through the Mainstream Media"
Ian Gold
Nov 16 Future of Civilization Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A  
Nov 18 Killer Supernovae
Special Guest: Brian Fields
  HW 9
Nov 21-25 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 28 Student Talks Talk: "Self-Replicating Probes"
Talk: "Area 51"
Talk: "Alien Abductions"
Julianne Fisette
Caitlin Ford
Jamal Reece
Nov 30 Travel Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A  
Dec 2 Travel 2 Ch 10 A HW 10
Dec 5 Visitations Ch 10 B Research Papers Due
Dec 7 Contact Ch 10 C HW EC
Dec 9 Review    
1:30-4:30 pm, Friday December 16 FINAL EXAM

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