ASTR 230 Section 1 Fall 2004

Student Presentation Archive

Sept 20
"How Special Are We?" by David Sederquist

"String Theory" by Pranay Patel

"Supernovae: Heavy Elements" by Doug Jones
Sept 22
"Silicon Based Life Forms" by Michael Chou

"Panspermia" by Eric Mazzone

"Space Stations: Past, Present, and Future" by Chris Varney
Sept 22
"Planet Hunting" by Craig Colbrook

"Jupiter, a failed star?" by Kevin Korinek

"Deep Impact" by Nick Lyon
Sept 22
"The Red Planet" by John Wang

"Life, without a planet" by Derrick Cheng

"Terraforming" by John Tobin
Oct 20
"What ET will we likely encounter?" by Alex Wayman

"ET in the Entertainment Industry" by Lisa Brenan

"What will they look like?" by Alex Quiroga

Leslie Looney
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