ASTR 230 Section 1 Fall 2004

Course Schedule

Course Schedule. Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.
Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
Aug 25 Introductions Syllabus  
Aug 27 Size Scales & Our Galaxy Ch 1 & Ch2 A  
Aug 30 Cosmology and the Origin of Elements Ch 2 A  
Sept 1 The Early Galaxy and the First Stars Ch 2 B & C  
Sept 3 From Atoms to Molecules to Clouds Ch 3 A & B HW 1
Sept 6 Labor Day Holiday    
Sept 8 Star Formation Ch 3 C Presentation Synopsis
Sept 10 Origin of planets Ch 3 D & E  
Sept 13 Nature of Solar Systems Ch 3 E  
Sept 15 Habitable Planets Ch 3 F  
Sept 17 Planets of Life Ch 4 A  
Sept 20 Nature of Life Ch 4 A HW 2
Sept 22 Student Talks Talk: "How Special Are We?"
Talk: "String Theory"
Talk: "Supernovae: Heavy Elements"
David Sederquist
Pranay Patel
Doug Jones
Sept 24 Student Talks Talk: "Non-Carbon Based Life?"
Talk: "Panspermia"
Talk: "Space Stations: Past, Present, and Future"
Michael Chou
Eric Mazzone
Chris Varney
Sept 27 Student Talks Talk: "Planet Hunting"
Talk: "Jupiter, a failed star?"
Talk: "Deep Impact"
Craig Colbrook
Kevin Korinek
Nick Lyon
Sept 29 Student Talks Talk: "The Red Planet"
Talk: "Life without a Planet"
Talk: "Terraforming"
John Wang
Derrick Cheng
John Tobin
Oct 1 Student Talks Talk: "Europa's Seaworld"
Talk: "Contact"
Talk: "The SETI Program"
Mary Ann Mulawka
Vincent Vazzo
Whitney Mihel
Oct 4 Origin of Life Ch 4 A & B HW 3
Oct 6 Origin of Life 2 Ch 4 C & D  
Oct 8 Alternatives Ch 4 E, F, and G  
Oct 11 Life in the Solar System CH 5 A and B HW 4
Oct 13 Life in the Solar System 2 Ch 5 C and D  
Oct 15 Hour Exam
Oct 18 Biological Evolution Ch 6 A  
Oct 20 Student Talks Talk: "What ET will we likely encounter?"
Talk: "ET in the Entertainment Industry"
Talk: "What will they look like?"
Alex Wayman
Lisa Brenan
Alex Quiroga
Oct 22 Student Talks Talk: "Portrayal of Aliens in the Media"
Talk: "Our View of the Universe Captured in Our Art"
Talk: "How to Contact"
Tony Sergenti
Erin Miller
Terry Timmons
Oct 25 Origin of Intelligence Ch 6 B  
Oct 27 Cultural Evolution Ch 7 A  
Oct 29 Student Talks  
Talk: "Current Space Programs"
Talk: "Private Space Industry"
Talk: "Space Vacations"
HW #5
Megan Davis
Brian O'Neil
Robert Pfaff
Nov 1 Student Talks Talk: "Factors Limiting Human Space Travel"
Talk: "Warp Drives and Hyperspace"
Talk: "Interstellar Travel Propulsion Systems"
Layla Ryan
William Delanoy
Adam Valluzzi
Nov 3 Student Talks Talk: "Human Colonization"
Talk: "Time Travel?"
Talk: "Automatic Self-Replicating Probes: Searching for ET "
Andrew Gottemoller
Dave Delair
Alex Robson
Nov 5 Evolution of the World View CH 7 B  
Nov 8 Lifetime CH 7 C  
Nov 10 Student Talks Talk: "Black Holes, Wormholes, Time Travel, and the Multiverse"
Talk: "Black Holes"
Talk: "Interstellar Travel"
Brad Rockwell
Sean Boyer
Patrick Sawica
Nov 12 Student Talks Talk: "UFOs in Art"
Talk: "Alien Abductions"
Talk: "Roswell: UFOs or BS"
Dan Kirsoroff
Adam Wold
Lynn Nguyen
Nov 15 Communication Ch 8 A,B and Ch 9 A, B, C  
Nov 17 Communication 2 Ch 9 D, E  
Nov 19 Killer Supernovae
Special Guest: Brian Fields
  HW 6
Nov 22-26 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 29 Future of Civilization Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A  
Dec 1 Travel Ch 7 D, Ch 10 A HW 7
Dec 3 Travel 2 Ch 10 A  
Dec 6 Visitations Ch 10 B Research Papers Due
Dec 8 Contact Ch 10 C HW 8
Dec 10 Review    
1:30-4:30 pm, Saturday December 18 FINAL EXAM

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