Astro150 Fall 2009


1) Homeworks posted on Compass (Assessment)

Go to Compass now.

2) Night Observing

For more information go to

Download the observing form before you go.

See the Night Observing Blog for more details:

3) Computer Sessions

A special computer session will be operated to allow students to familiarize themselves with the necessary tools to look for Near Earth Asteroids.

You only need to attend one session over the three available dates and two computer labs (Oregon and Nevada A/B Labs). These sessions will be held during lecture time (see schedule, so lecture is canceled for these dates.

These computer sessions are by reservation only because of limited seating at each session. To sign up for a session, please go to the registration website.

Here are the relvant documents:

  1. The main worksheet that describes the process and the required work. (Or the old style for those who did the Sept 28th class is here.)
  2. A description of what to do if Astrometrica fails the Automatic Data Reduction process, requiring some manual intervention.
  3. Background info in powerpoint and pdf.

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