ASTR 505Fall 2015

Course Schedule

Note that the lecture material may vary, but the assignment dates are fixed. Visit this webpage to see updates to the topics.

Date Topics Reading Dioscussion Leader
Aug. 24 Introductions Syllabus  
Aug. 26 General Terms    
Aug. 31 Giant Molecular Clouds Formation of molecular clouds and global conditions for star formation Yixian Cao
Sept. 2 Giant Molecular Clouds      Talk and Slides Yixian Cao
Sept. 7 Labor Day (no class) From filamentary networks to dense cores in molecular clouds: Toward a new paradigm for star formation Erin Cox
Sept. 9 Dense Cores      Talk and Slides Erin Cox
Sept. 14 Making Stars in Clouds The star formation rate of molecular clouds Andrew Nadolski
Sept. 16 Making Stars in Clouds      Talk and Slides Andrew Nadolski
Sept. 21 Star Formation in the Milky Way The Milky Way as a star formation engine Jennifer Li
Sept. 23 Star Formation in the Milky Way      Talk or Slides Jennifer Li
Sept. 28 Protostellar Evolution The evolution of protostars: Insights from ten years of infrared surveys with SPITZER and HERSCHEL Ada Ertel
Sept. 30 Protostellar Evolution      Talk and Slides Ada Ertel
Oct. 5 Star Clusters The formation and early evolution of young massive clusters James Cheshire
Oct. 7 Star Clusters      Talk and Slides James Cheshire
Oct. 12 No Class (SOFIA)    
Oct. 14 No Class (SOFIA)    
Oct. 19 Circumstellar Disks Evolution Dust evolution in protoplanetary disks Sadhana Krishnamoorthy
Oct. 21 Circumstellar Disks Evolution      Talk and Slides Sadhana Krishnamoorthy
Oct. 26 Volatiles in Disks Volatiles in protoplanetary disks Matt Zaverdas
Oct. 28 Volatiles in Disks      Talk and Slides Matt Zaverdas
Nov. 2 No Class (SOFIA)    
Nov. 4 No Class (SOFIA)    
Nov. 9 Planetesimal Formation The multifaceted planetesimal formation process Yixian Cao
Nov. 11 Planetesimal Formation      Talk and Slides Yixian Cao
Nov. 16 Terrestrial planet formation Terrestrial planet formation at home and abroad Erin Cox
Nov. 18 Terrestrial planet formation      Talk and Slides Erin Cox
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Break    
Nov 30 Exoplanet Atmospheres Exoplanetary Atmospheres Jennifer Li
Dec. 2 Exoplanet Atmospheres      Talk and Slides Jennifer Li
Dec. 7 Exoplanets New exoplanetary systems
Ada Ertel

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